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MALLEE BORDER HEALTH CENTRE – Your health is our business

Mallee Border Health Centre currently provides a service in Pinnaroo, Murrayville and Underbool.

What can a Nurse Practitioners do?
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Mallee Border Health Centre

  • Is a family friendly practice that aims to enhance the quality of life of the people of the Mallee border area.
  • Is committed to providing continuity of care and providing appropriate and timely referrals to GP’s, Allied Health and Specialists as required.
  • Is committed to providing a continuous service
  • Recognizes the importance of maintaining our own knowledge and skills to ensure the quality of our service is maintained and improved.
  • Encourages good health through preventive medicine and active health promotion.

Why choose a nurse Practitioner?

They collaborate and consult with other health Practitioners and services to ensure you receive the best outcomes possible. Nurse Practitioners work directly with you and provide comprehensive services including:

  • – Assessment and diagnosis of your health problems
  • – Referral for necessary x-rays and blood tests
  • – Prescription of medications
  • – Referrals to other health Practitioners
  • – Education, counselling and support